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The Joslin Diabetes Clinic Online, a Website Worth Visiting (nur auf English)

For more than half a century, the Joslin Diabetes Clinic has been offering training opportunities to physicians from all over the world specializing in diabetology. Little wonder then that over the Internet, the Joslin Diabetes Center (JDC) presents itself as a "Global Leader in Diabetes Research and Care": www.joslin.org.

The recently redesigned JDC website is user friendly and offers many useful services. The front page has a Flash introduction that comes up quickly and is attractive.
Clicking through to the Home Page, visitors are invited to check the latest news in diabetes, learn about Joslin's latest research, take an online class or stop and visit one of many interesting discussion boards. These concern nutrition, "living with diabetes", teens and parents of children with diabetes.

There are also links to jobs, an online library, an Asian-American site and more. All of this comes as no surprise to anyone familiar with the JDC and its ongoing tradition of quality healthcare, research and public outreach.

Good to know that an organization that is not in the business of media, cares enough about its professional and the public to create a website that stands at the forefront of the best examples of how media can be used as an effective tool.

Congratulations JDC!