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Jean-Jacques Grimm, MD

Dr. Grimm is an Endocrinologist with a specialty in Diabetes. He has a Quality Recognition in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism by the European Board of Endocrinology of the UEMS and is a Member of the International Board of the Diabetes, Exercise and Sports Association (DESA) and of the American Diabetes Association. Dr. Grimm is also the author of several publications on sports and diabetes and is the Director of sports camps for diabetic people in Switzerland. Dr. Grimm is an avid Mountain climber and marathon runner.

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Yves Monnerat

Geneviève Grimm-Gobat

Edgar Besse

In addition to being the Webmaster for diabetesport.org, Mr. Besse is an Automobile Engineer from the Engineers Scool of Biel (Switzerland). He is an avid computer “geek” and has written a Publication on computer science and company management. He enjoys mountain climbing and driving sports cars.
Jean-Jacques Grimm

Edgar Besse